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Since the site went online in 2000, it has been providing increasingly detailed and comprehensive information about territorial changes in Germany and areas under German administration. The intention is to furnish a solid foundation for more specialised research; the information can also be of assistance to people wishing to trace their family tree.

Where the period under study (1874 to 1945) is still incomplete, it will be supplemented and made more comprehensive by further entries. However, much of the information refers to the period before 1874, as far back as about 1815. Further details will follow depending on the availability of sources.

I also intend to extend the biographical data of the main personages so that their professional careers in administrative and governmental positions can be traced.

In conclusion, I should mention the maps to which further additions will also be made. The long term goal is to make available at least a general map (scale 1 : 300,000) for each county.

The sources used and listed in the literature section were all available either in their original form or on the Internet.

A (German) glossary is also provided to aid understanding of the terminology.

Suggestions for improvements are always welcome and will be considered.


Rolf Jehke
Am Zickenkamp 11
58313 Herdecke

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